CEO featured

Lori Tuggle, the Director of Business Development at Regency Hospital of South Atlanta, contacted me a couple of weeks ago to request some photos of their new CEO, Yakeema Jones. I’ve worked with the Regency Hospital staff before, so I walked right on in like I worked there for years.

Ms. Jones was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a great spirit and personality that came through very naturally in her photos. In classic fashion, before the photo shoot she claims that she hates taking pictures. I’ve always found that interesting; some of the most beautiful people I’ve seen hate taking pictures.

Nonetheless, I warmed her up by being my ridiculous self and she, Lori and I had a great time taking the pictures. We did it right outside of her office too. She only had to step outside of her office for a few minutes and then she was back on track without missing a beat.