Don't Just Budget. Grow Your Money.

 A thorough financial guide sprinkled with light-hearted stories in the spirit of Rich Dad Poor DadWhat I Wish I Knew About Money at 25 is the missing instruction manual for mastering personal finance and achieving financial freedom.

Meet the Author

Alex Gardener is a small business owner who started his company after being laid off during the housing crash of 2008. It wasn’t the best time to start a business, so he had to get up and running fast. He quickly learned about business finance, self-employment, and taxes all while navigating his finances and relationships. It was truly a case of “sink or swim.” Within two years of starting on his own, he doubled his previous salary. Now, he desires to share what has (and hasn’t) worked for him in the last twenty years so that the next generation of ambitious young people don’t make the same mistakes he did.