Carter featured

This headshot has an interesting story behind it. This was supposed to be a simple headshot that needed to be shot and printed the same day for an audition that Carter had. I got the request mid week and we scheduled the shoot the next morning. I checked the weather and it forecasted nothing but sunny, clear skies.

And when we all got to the park and started setting up, it was a beautiful morning. It was a little cloudy, but that can make for some great pictures outdoors. So I had nothing to worry about right? Wrong. So wrong.

As soon as I set up my reflector, the rain came down in sheets. I was expecting to see Noah’s Ark any second. We couldn’t reschedule because the audition for Carter was the same day. So we found a tree with a thick canopy, used my blackout material in the branches directly above me to cover the camera, and we shot this dang thing.

So what you’re seeing here is Carter under a tree with the rain pouring down in the background. His shirt had rain all over it and he was wet too. With the magic of paper towels and photoshop, we made this thing happen. I was soaking wet but I got the shot. I wonder if there’s a heaven for photographers. Surely I earned some points on this one.